Meet Our Equine Performers

Your Big Red Barn experience can include a tour of our pristine stables lined with beautiful stalls, outfitted with the finest details imported from England. While enjoying refreshments, your guests can meet our magnificent horses and their riders before or after a performance.

Custom Shows
Each performance varies in length, number of performers, horses, costumes, staging, lighting and special effects. Each of these elements and their associated pricing will be part of the planning process for a custom performance produced especially for your guests.

Packaged Performances
Several of the most popular performance packages include:

At Liberty
GP Boater, a magnificent 17-hand Black Fresian Stallion, and Kim Barteau present a stunning partnership of horse and trainer as Boater moves throughout the arena “at liberty” with style, grace and gusto while having no direct contact with Kim.
Three-time USDF Horse of the Year GP Raymeister and Gold Medal rider Yvonne Barteau “dance” free-style to the music of “Rocky.”
The Lion King
Eclipse, an Andalusian stallion who is the only great “white and silver lion” on the planet, and Ryan Garza delight with their exciting interpretation of “The Lion King.”
East Meets West
Eastern-style Dressage meets Western-style reining when Jessica Stark rides FEI Dressage horse, GP Ubilee, and Jamie Lawton rides Cowboy to the music of Michael Jackson.
Lively Latin Legwork
Three riders in brilliantly-colored Latino costuming dance as a trio to the accompanying upbeat Salsa and Meringue music so popular in today’s culture.
Beach Blanket Bingo
Frolicking on the “beach,” some of our favorite equines and their playmates go waterskiing and play beach ball in a fabulously fun and unique act.
The Quintessential Quadrille
Four magnificent Friesian horses dance in unison to the sounds of contemporary music with their riders dressed in shimmery palettes of pastels.
The Roman Team
A feat of daring, this act has our Roman centurion standing fearlessly atop a matched pair of beautiful black horses.
International Musical Freestyles
Our riders, dressed in classical USEF coat and tails, demonstrate examples of Olympic-level Dressage movements. Set to classical music.